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A visual feast of folk art – Part 1a

American Folk Art Museum exhibition flyer

EvB exhibition flyer

I neglected to provide a link to The American Folk Art Museum. That’s because the information about the exhibitions is not very informative and in regards to Eugene von B. the information is the same as on the flyer you pick up at the entrance. I was so curious about how this man’s work was discovered, so I asked the woman who I purchased my ticket from, thinking that she would have to know something. After all the only other staff there were the coat check girl in the basement and the gallery guards.

Giving out information was clearly not in her position description as she knew nothing! She didn’t even alert me to the links on the Museum website, nor the catalogue on sale in the bookshop.
So, I’ve done some research for you. You can read Wikipedia -it’s pretty basic but gives you some background information. I’ve also read the articles linked to the museum website and recommend reading this one from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. There’s a few images of his work (photography was not allowed in the show so if you want to see more you’ll have to follow the links), and some of his life story but there are also links to other shows that his work has been included in as well as the review in the New York Times. And if that’s not enough The Frieze review┬áhas some beautiful and evocative descriptions of the work in the New York show. Enjoy!

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