We are what we remember

Did you notice that I mentioned seeing three exhibitions of work at The Centre for Book Arts in my last post?

I was reminded of that a moment ago when I picked up the catalogue for the third show there in a side gallery that lead through to the back workspace of the Book Arts studio. The title of this post is a quote from the catalogue of “Book Marks” – the work of Barbara Page, an ongoing project that traces and forms her reading history. Images are drawn, collaged and /or painted on old library cards and then filed in a beautiful wooden library card-file drawer.

barbara page flie drawer

"Book Marks" file case (c) Barbara Page

Her artist statement, in the catalogue explains how cards can be selected from the drawer for exhibition purposes,  and arranged in different ways: “Arranging the cards horizontally in chronological order of books I’ve read reflects American social history of the last sixty years…Alternatively, arranging the cards by subject matter focuses on my singular persona. What we choose to read tells a lot about who we are.”

I’ve just finished Peter Carey’s “Theft”. The next (English text) book next to the bed is Gogol’s “Taras Bulba”. I’m not sure if I want to read about lusty, proud war-loving Cossacks. Otherwise it’s Victor Hugo’s “Notre Dame de Paris” in French.

What are you reading at the moment?


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4 responses to “We are what we remember

  1. Jane Porter

    At the moment I am re-reading The Secret River for about the 10th time! I find that teaching VCE means you get no reading of your own done in term time, though I am dipping into Walt Whitman.


    • Hi Jane, I liked The Secret River but I don’t think it’s worth 10 re-reads and I know you don’t have a choice! Walt Whitman is an interesting choice to dip into.


  2. if you tell me that you have been able to visit the Centre for Book Arts in the flesh I think I’ll quite possible explode from jealousy….. just thought I’d let you know…. (noice work that from Barbara Page… thanks for sharing!)


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